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Pain defined by the International Association for the Study of Pain as an unpleasant feeling developing out of any part of the body, depending on an organic result or not and comprising the entire retrospective experience of a person.” is a situation experienced by everyone throughout their lives. Pains are discussed in two groups.

The first one is acute pains which are the symptoms of various diseases. Acute pains indicate diseases and tissue injuries in the body. Acute pains can be defined as the alarm system of the body.

Chronic pains are included in the secondary type of pains. Chronic pains last more than 6 months (3 months in some cases). Chronic pains are not disease indicators; they are exactly a problem. The primary purpose of pain clinics is to diagnose and treat patients with pains accurately and in the fastest way. Patients are provided with diagnosis and treatment services at Okan University Hospital with a multidisciplinary approach. Okan University Hospital Algology Department utilizes all the methods used for chronic pain treatment. Pain treatment applications such as nerve blocks constructed with the use of radio waves, permanent morphine pumps or attachment of stimulators, injections applied to herniated discs/cervical disc hernia, injections applied inside discs, permanent port-pump systems and many other advanced treatment applications are available.


Most Common Pains that Patients Applying to the Pain Polyclinic Complain About:

-     Lumbar and leg pains

-     Neck pains

-     Headaches

-     Back pains

-     Shoulder and arm pain

-     Facial pains-neuralgia

-     Vascular occlusion related pains

-     Cancer pains

-     Pains of unknown origin