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Breast Health

For your breast health...

Our Breast Health Center offers treatment means at international standards for treatment of breast cancer. The patients with documented breast cancer are examined with a multidisciplinary approach in our ethics committee that is participated by many medical departments and thus, the best treatment method is planned for the patient . The treatment is planned to ensure intervention while it is a small mass lesion, before the cancer spreads. Treatment for all patients at this stage is possible.

Breast cancer is a completely treatable condition if it is diagnosed at early stage!

Studies reveal out that the women over the age of 50 account for approximately 60% of breast cancer cases. Breast cancer is seen in only 1 of 200 women under the age of 40. These figures mean that we face a serious problem. Therefore, we would like to emphasize certain issues which should be known about breast cancer. Breast cancer is a completely treatable condition, if diagnosed at early stage. Therefore, you need to pay attention to early diagnosis. The risk increases by 3 folds if family history is notable for breast cancer. So, you need to attach importance to early diagnosis.

Early diagnosis saves life!

There is a key point for breast cancer. The point is the stage in which the diagnosis is established and the disease is detected. Surgery is an option for tumors measuring smaller than 1 cm in size. Alternatives are radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Stage of the disease, patient’s age and structure of tumor determine the treatment plan. Early diagnosis can be established only if breasts are examined and mammography is scanned at annual intervals and self-examination is made at monthly intervals.

What should be done to protect breast health?

  • Have mammography scans and breast examination once a year!
  • Breastfeed your child as much as you can!
  • Limit the fat intake and eat more vegetables and fruits!
  • Do exercises and jogging!
  • Avoid stress!

We are women! We can beat cancer if we want to! Just do not neglect annual screening…