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Breast Surgery

In Breast Surgery division, the lumps detected in breasts are biopsied and removed, the cavity caused by removal of the tumor is filled in, regional lymph nodes are checked in patients with cancer and the lymph nodes involved by the cancer are removed.

Not all lumps detected in breast are required to be removed. The lump is evaluated in the light of examinations and necessary tests; if it is a simple cyst that is filled with fluid, it is necessary to remove the lesion. It may be necessary to drain too large and painful cysts, albeit rarely. Close follow-up is sufficient for tumors that are not too large and are verified as benign (fibroadenoma, lipoma, hamartoma etc.).

Fibroadenoma is a benign breast tumor that is common in young women. They usually measure below 2 cm in size and they have smooth margins. They are followed up with ultrasound and physical examination at semiannual intervals. They are biopsied, if they grow quickly and contours are irregular. Excision and pathological examination are required for suspected tumors. All these procedures can be performed in General Surgery Clinic of our hospital.