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Cardiovascular Surgery

At the Cardiovascular Surgery Department, cardiovascular diseases are treated surgically. At Okan University Cardiovascular Surgery Department, patients of all ages can be treated;

  • Coronary bypass surgeries
  • Bypass surgeries on functioning hearts
  • Bypass, cardiac valve and ASD closure surgeries from tiny scars
  • Cardiac valve repair surgeries (mitral, tricuspid and aortic valve repair)
  • Cardiac valve replacement (MVR, AVR, TVR) surgeries
  • Congenital cardiac diseases surgeries (ASD, VSD, TOF….)
  • Thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysm surgeries
  • Closed aortic aneurysm surgeries (EVAR, TEVAR)
  • Peripheral vascular surgeries
  • Carotid surgeries
  • Venous insufficiency and varicosis treatment (Laser, radiofrequency, sclerotherapy)
  • Hemodialysis intentional AV-fistula opening, permanent-temporary catheter attachment Hemodialysis oriented AV-fistula opening
  • Attachment of permanent subclavian port in cancer patients


Operations are performed with a specialized physicians’ cadre and advanced technologic infrastructure. Our cardiovascular surgery team specialized especially in surgeries requiring special training such as mitral valve repair and cardiac surgeries from tiny scars apply such surgeries successfully. Our anesthesiology team specialized in its field and our intense care and service nurses provide services compliant with world standards.