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Embryology laboratory is a specially designed high-tech sterile environment in which eggs and sperm are transformed into embryos and developed within the period from the time of collection the eggs  to the from the patients treated with IV to the transfer.

The embryologist is a laboratory worker responsible for the formation and development of these embryos. In fact, they are the early caregivers of babies that patients will have in the future. Even though technological devices are used, an educated and reliable embryology team is of great importance for the success of this business.

How are embryos developed under laboratory conditions?

Embryos developing in laboratory conditions should be developed in environments arranged by parameters similar to the mother's in-body characteristics. All culture fluids and incubation conditions prepared in this situation must have effective combinations that mimic the in-body environment very well. Embryos are developed in special incubation chambers whose gas and temperature parameters are adjusted for mother's body conditions, except for very short-term manipulations in these fluids. In these incubators, each patient has her own drawer that is dedicated to her.


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