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Emergency Service

At the Emergency Service of Okan University Hospital, physicians and healthcare personnel specialized in their fields serve.

Supported by all of the branches serving in the daytime at the hospital, the Emergency is supported at night by anesthesia, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, pediatry and radiology specialists keeping watch in their own units. Our physicians from other specialties can reach the Emergency service, which serves with a complete multidisciplinary understanding, very swiftly when necessary to serve for patients. Physicians and healthcare personnel specialized in their fields provide preliminary treatment and observation services in the emergency and observation room equipped with advanced technologic devices.

The entire tests and radiologic examinations can be performed and provided for 24 hours in a swift way. Additionally, preliminary interventions and examinations can be performed thanks to our equipped rooms. Patients subjected to their preliminary examinations in the Emergency may be transferred to relevant medical department if necessary.

Emergency Service of our Hospital has a trauma room, resuscitation room and a small intervention room and an examination room. Patients can be transferred to the hospital in a fast and secure way by ambulances for 24 hours uninterruptedly. Easy access from the emergency to the intense care unit and operation theatres provides the opportunity to treat every urgent patient in all of the branches.