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Endocrinology Surgery

Endocrine glands are organs that secrete hormones directly into the blood stream. If a disease that requires surgical management is detected in endocrine glands, treatments are planned by Endocrine Surgery department.

Which diseases are tested and treated?

  • Diseases of thyroid gland (nodular goiter, thyroid cancers and similar disorders)
  • Diseases of parathyroid gland (adenoma, hyperplasia and similar conditions)
  • Diseases of adrenal glands (cancer, adenoma and similar conditions)

Recently, significant advances are achieved in surgical treatment for the diseases of these organs. Minimally invasive procedures that are characterized by very small incisions and lesser bleeding and complications are performed for thyroid and parathyroid surgeries in Endocrine Surgery department of our hospital. The safety is maximized with neuromonitoring, if required. Moreover, radiopharmaceutical labeling is used for parathyroid gland surgeries. Open and laparoscopic techniques can be used for adrenal gland surgeries.