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Eye Diseases

At Okan University Hospital Eye Diseases Department, refraction defects of patients can be measured with the help of computerized ORM (Auto-Refractometer) and Retinoscopy after their routine examinations. Sharpness of the vision of both eyes of patients can be determined with and without glasses. In the bio microscopy treatment, lashes, conjunctiva, cornea and other front segment elements of eyes can be examined with a multidisciplinary approach. Then, eye pressures are measured. Information belonging to patients are kept in computers. Modern techniques and devices applied by specialized doctors are used for all eye-related surgeries. Cataract surgeries are performed with seamless phacoemulsification technique with drop anesthesia. Glaucoma (eye pressure), diplopia and retinal detachment surgeries are performed with the use of methods that are the most appropriate for eyes. Excimer Laser applications used to correct problems such as myopic, astigmatic and hyperopia are performed with the Lasik method and drop anesthesia.