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Gastroenterology is the science dealing with stomach, intestines and liver diseases. Physicians specialized in Gastroenterology use special examination methods for the diagnosis and treatment of esophagus, stomach, intestine, liver and pancreas diseases. At the Gastroenterology Department of Okan University Hospital, all gastroenterology operations are diligently practiced with the purpose of treatment and diagnosis in the endoscopy branch as well as the policlinic services. Gastroenterology Department has endoscopy units prioritizing the comfort of patients and prepared in ideal conditions for endoscopic examinations and operations.


Services provided at the Gastroenterology Department:

- Therapy of urgently ceasing the digestive system bleedings,

- Scloreant therapy,

- Variceal hemorrhage therapy,

- Gastroscopy,

- Colonoscopy,

- Chronic pancreatitis threatment through ERCP method,

- Treatment of biliary tract calculus and obstruction,

- Calculus reception from biliary tracts,

- Extraction of stomach and intestine polyps,

- Ulcer treatment,

- Reflux treatment,

-Crohn disease,

- Treatment of ulcerative colitis disease,

- Stent placement in biliary tracts and the esophagus.