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General Surgery

Okan University Hospital General Surgery Department is a unit organized to perform the examination and treatment procedures for patients swiftly. Adopted the mission of qualified, reliable and problem-free treatment focused on patients at the General Surgery Department, Okan University Hospital is successful at the entire clinic surgical application. At our General Surgery Polyclinics; diagnosis with endoscopy and all sorts of initiatives for treatment may be performed.

Most of the General Surgery patients is composed of various cancer cases. Our General Surgery Department works in cooperation with the other departments of the hospital due to the extent of its field of study. Additionally, Okan University Hospital General Surgery Department applies scanning and detailed follow-up programs for the early diagnosis of larger intestine cancer and breast cancer diligently.

Services provided at the General Surgery Department:

  • Goiter surgeries
  • Mastectomies
  • Esophagus surgeries
  • Gastrostomies
  • Duodenum surgeries
  • Small intestine surgeries
  • Large intestine surgeries
  • Rectum and anus region surgeries
  • Hepatectomies
  • Hernioplasties