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Hair Transplant


In Istanbul Tuzla our hospital, it serves as a fully equipped general university hospital with its employees over 500, capacity of 250 beds, 10 operation theather and 47 intense care units.


All hair transplantation operations, doing at full equipped, hepa-filtered, fully sterilized operation theatres under control of our experts.


Micro fue with 0,6-0,7 mm punches allows to transplant over up to 5.000 fue in one session, without scars, edema with good and life-long results.


Our quality control (HR system), and high-tech procedures gives you, the strongest chance to have your own hairs in every age with natural results.


As in our capacity hospitals we are giving you the best price warranty.


This page will give you information about prices between europe and Turkey. Turkey has become a world leader in hair transplantation surgery. Turkish hospitals, hair transplant technicians and prices are the best world in so far.

We don’t just give care We take care as well.

We're provides quality health service that everyone could reach


Caring with a smile

It’s not what we do as a hairtransplantation center, but how we do it. All of our elderly caregiving services are delivered with a smile.


Attentive listener

Listening to your needs, and having conversations with you, helps us make sure we bring you the perfect match.



Whether you just need someone to take care about your hair problems, doctor catania is waiting for you to meet your needs.


ALL-INCLUDED Hair Transplantation

We are providing full exclusive service for our patients that includes 5 star hotel, transfer,micro-fue hair transplantation in university hospital, post-op medicine therapy.




  • Call and speak to one of our friendly team who will discuss the setup process and outline our packages.
  • Request a doctor visit where we will provide you with a free, no obligation assessment.
  • Once agreed, we will setup your care package and introduce you to your Care assistant in Istanbul.


  1. Micro-FUE
  2. Female Hairtransplanting
  3. Beard and Mustache Transplanting
  4. Eyebrow Transplantation
  5. Hair Transplantation on Scar
  6. PRP
  7. Stem Cells
  8. Mesotherapy
  9. BTH Transplant
  10. Medical Treatment of Hair Loss
  11. Unshaved Micro-FUE


Mikro-FUE :


Micro-Fue is a minimal invasive surgical procedure that allows you to have your own natural hairs

  1. Operation takes 6-7 hours under local anesthesia without pain
  2. 0,7 mm punches allows you to have high density hair without scar at the neck
  3. After the operation complication risk nearly %1
  4. Micro sized blades keep aways the patient from edema and pain after the operation
  5. After the operation healing period is greater than the other methods. It is less than 1 week only
  6. The final results starts from right after the operation
  7. The transplanted hairs NEVER shed again.

Female hairtransplanting
In women, hair loss can occur in situations such as genetics, birth, various vitamin and mineral deficiencies. With Micro-Fue method, hair can be made as shaved or unshaved in women, and the hair line of female candidates behind the hair line can be taken in a natural way.

Beard and Mustache transplanting
In bearded or whiskered scars, burns or hair loss, or in the case of birth defects, natural beard and mustache transplantation can be done with micro-fue roots and the person can be brought to the desired image.

Eyebrow transplantation
Natural eyebrow transplantation can be done with the hair follicles taken by micro-fue method in males and ladies who have scarring, burns or hair loss in the eyebrow region or who have a burning or hair loss or birth congenital problem.

Hair transplantation on scar
Scarring on the scalp, hair on the eyebrows or beard mustache Micro-fue method on scar can be used to close the scarring image by moving the hair roots on the wound.

"Platelet Rich Plasma is an abbreviated name for the treatment method called platelet enrichment in the direction of platelet (clotting cell)." PRP, a new skin rejuvenation method, has been developed in recent years. In the PRP method, 8-20 cc of blood is taken from the patient and centrifuged. It stimulates the hair roots in the hair under the hair and accelerates the growth.

Stem cells
The differentiated cells, which are found in large numbers in our body, can not be renewed naturally if they are seriously damaged or become ill. Stem cells are used instead of these diseased or damaged cells to produce healthy and functional cells. The process of replacing a diseased cell called "cell therapy" with a healthy cell is similar to organ transplantation, the only difference being the transfer of the cell to an organ. Stem cells are an effective treatment modality that stimulates hair growth and regeneration.

It is the process of injecting the drug cocktails prepared according to the therapies to the desired areas in order to benefit from the effects of the hairy nourishing, restorative, stimulating effects of the preparations.

BTH Transplant
In this method, which is applied to patients who have damaged nape region or have not enough grafts, transplantation of the appropriate hair follicles taken from the various parts of the body to the desired region is the process of transplantation.

Medical treatment of hair loss
A variety of mineral vitamin deficiencies is the diagnosis of hair loss that can be caused by diseases such as birth, anemia, hair loss, chemotherapy, diabetes, and stopping and treating with necessary drug supplements.

Unshaved micro-fue
In this method presented for candidates who want to transplant their hair without being forced to unshaven their hair, attempts are being made to avoid the bad appearance that may occur after hair transplantation with the hair follicles taken from the windows of the ensemble.


What is the hair loss?

Hair loss is a problem that affects most men but also women and manifests itself in different stages of life.

Could it be cure?


With right hands and with right techniques yes. In so far the best method is hairtransplant.

What is the hair transplant?


Hair transplantation is a surgical method must to do in hospitals, for transplanting hair follicles to preferred areas in women and men.


What is the importance to do this operation in hospital?


A partnership with the newest and most equipped Okan University Hospital offers a unique opportunity to the patients.

Together with our many years experience in hair transplant,  They will benefit the welcome, the safety and the care that only hospitals like that can provide.


A user-friendly software helps patients to foresee their hair transplant needs


How many sessions do the patients need to have hairs?

A session that could be one and only!

We are able to implant 4000 to 5000 FU or more if available, with a possibility to realize real megasessions  in a one-day at maximum density, without dividing the transplant into multiple sessions (with relative expenses) at a cost affordable to everyone!


How long does it takes turn normal life for patients after surgery?


Micro-Fue Hair transplantation is minimal invasive procedure that allows you to go to your home by foot after surgery. First 3 days you need to be careful for hitting your head. After 3 days you can wash your head gently. International patients could turn their homes after the day of surgery. Its possible to fly and travel.

What is the most important topics for patients before to decide hair transplantation centers?


  • Planning a custom program
    Planning a customized program for your hair loss that meets your desires and budgets and fits your sex, age and type of baldness. We will advise you the best medical and / or surgical treatment with the quantification of the area to cover, the density and the volume of the implants.


  • Hair distribution
    Hair distribution is unique to each individual, by color, consistency, density, sex, age, extent and type of baldness. We select and position of the different FU to rebuild your dense and natural hair with the insertion up to 4000-5000 FU at an affordable price.


  • Using 100% of the donor area
    The third-generation 0,7mm. punch MICRO-FUE technique with led lighting avoids damage to the follicular units. Unlike the STRIP-FUT technique, the FU are not manipulated under the hot and intense light of the microscope and their survival is guaranteed, in addition there’s not the feared long 25-30 cm long scar, often dilated and painful with paresthesia in the surrounding areas


  • Pre-operative interview
    It’s possible to meet our patients and have access to data base to evaluate the quality of the results and the hair line, the 0,7 mm MICRO-FUE hole heals in few days and contracts 100% and  unlike the 1/1,2 mm of the ordinary FUE, gives undetectable scars and almost unchanged density  in the donor areas.


  • Details of the intervention
    The specially formulated low-dose drugs cocktail for anesthesia is injected with very thin needles, patients are completely relaxed and the protocol is virtually painless.
  • Benefits of Intervention and Side Effects

Is it a safe procedure?
Very quick recovery time with minimum trauma, bleeding, and post operation dressings. The hairs will start to grow soon after the procedure and will continue naturally throughout life.


  • Staff and Locations
  • staff is highly qualified and motivated to give the best results our transection rate is close to 0-1% V/s best FUT 1,6%.


Locations far exceed the required standards for safety, sterilization, equipment, etc. We are saying again this operation must be done in hospitals and under the control of medical experts. Hair transplantation operations can be done only in hospitals which has got surgery center licence from the government of health.  Serious problems can occur as a legal and medical way if they are not made in the legally allowed hospitals. Total care system is needed in this procedure.

Is body hair possible to transplant?

Yes it is possible. We provide the highest density using body hair using the BODY-to-Hair technique.


What is the Total Care System?


We have developed the customer support network that offers:

  • Satisfaction guarantee from airport to hospital-hospital to home.
  • Free Pre-Op Hair analysis,
  • Treatment,
  • Post-care assistance and follow-up,
  • Products,
  • Best Equipment and Place,


All protocols are checked continuously for rigid control quality.
Our service and technology are advanced and competitive in results and in price.