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Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology

Infections are diseases which may arise almost in every part of the body and formed by bacteria, viruses or parasites and some of which may be contagious. Innovations in the health field, developments in diagnosis methods and the use of new antimicrobial medicines, now many infection diseases can be diagnosed and treated.

Experts at Okan University Hospital Infection diseases are able to follow and treat a wide range of disease group from influenza, urinary tract infection, diarrhea to AIDS, meningitis, tuberculosis and icterus, which may be fatal. Microbiology laboratories takes determinative role in the follow-up and diagnosis of infection diseases. Microorganisms causing these diseases may be indicated through culture methods, serological tests or direct examinations. The field of study of microbiology includes the diagnosis of diseases caused by microorganisms, determination of founding directing the treatment, suggestion of medicines or strategies suitable for the treatment, accommodation of the diagnosis of infection diseases (contagious disease) and prevention of their spread. The most important factors causing diseases in humans include bacteria, viruses, fungal and parasites.

Okan University Hospital Clinic Microbiology Laboratory serves in four sub-titles as bacteriology, virology, mycology and parasitology and it allows the diagnosis of infections. Fundamental tests are taken advantage of in microbiology for the diagnosis of infections which are bacterial, viral and parasitic and developed by fungal.

Samples from urines, throat, phlegm; culture-antibiogram, chlamdia-microplasm antigen tests, direct fungal search and culture; rotavirus-adenovirus faeces antigen tests, hepatitis markers and diagnostic tests of other viral diseases, microscopic and antigen tests of parasitary diseases such as amoeba and giardia are performed at the Microbiology Department of our hospital for the diagnosis of diseases caused by microorganisms.

Additionally, experts at Okan University Hospital Infection diseases plan and execute teams works in order to follow and prevent the nosocomial infections caused by very resistant microorganisms especially in intense care units.

Diseases Diagnosed and Treated at the Infection and Microbiology Department:

- Upper respiratory infections

- Influenza infection

- Lower respiratory tract infections

- Urinary tract infections

- Cellulite and other dermatological infections

- Osteomyelitis and Spondylodiscitis

- Brucellosis

- Hepatitis

- Parasitary diseases

- Diarrhea

- Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and scanning after suspicious intercourse

- Travel consultation

- Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis

- Adult vaccination

- Fever of unknown origin

Hospitalized infection patients:

- Acute gastroenteritis

- Pneumonia

- Pyelonephritis and acute prostatitis

- Cellulite, erysipelas

- Acute hepatitis

- Meningitides

- Fever of unknown origin

- Nosocomial infections