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Information for Patients Relatives and Visitors

Companions Policy

- Allow only 1 companion to stay with the patient.

- Physicians determine whether the patient needs a companion or not.

- The companion should not stay with the patient during visits and medical cares.

- The companion is provided with a companion card by the nurse in charge of the service.

- The companion provides assistance for the care of the patient to the extent allowed by the physician.

- The companion must abide by all of the rules imposed by the hospital.

Visitors Policy

- Do not allow more than two visitors to be in the room for the well-being of the patient.

- Restrict the visiting time to 10 minutes.

- The visiting hours are between 10:00 am – 10:00 pm.

- For patients in intensive care, reach the nurse of the patient through the phone available on the door of the intense care unit. If the visit doesn’t affect the health of the patient adversely and the setting is suitable, visitors may be allowed in the intense care room.

- Do not bring children under 7 for regular patient visits and children under 16 for visits for patients in intense care.

- In case the visitors or companions are not allowed by the physician, please try to abide by it.

- Abide by the recommendations of the healthcare personnel for visits of patients isolated by the hospital.

- Do not talk loudly in the hospital.

- Pay attention to the privacy of patients and their relatives during your visits.

- Do not contact the patient directly for both the patient’s and your health.

- Wash your hands or use hand disinfectant before and after your visit.

- Do not bring and accept foods-beverages from outside.

- Fresh flowers and flowers with soil are not accepted in the patient rooms due to the infection risk. Flowers with soil are taken care of and returned to patients when they are discharged.

- Try to avoid behaviors such as yelling or crying (since they may harm the patient) by the patient.

- Under no circumstances tamper the treatment materials.

- Do not use mobile phones around the patient and where medical devices are available.

- Do not use kettles in patient rooms since they may cause technical breakdowns.

- Smoking is strictly prohibited in our hospitals except determined areas.

- Pets are not allowed in our hospitals.