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Intensive Care Units

The Intensive Care Units are areas where critical patients with defected vital functions and having a vital risk are taken care of for 24 hours uninterruptedly and where life-sustaining support is provided and which are equipped with the cutting-edge technology. As well as their advanced technologic infrastructures, Intensive Care Units as units where multidisciplinary approaches are intensely applied have a quite important position in serving health services.

A versatile team work is maintained at Okan University Hospital Intensive Care Units with a multidisciplinary approach. An effective support and treatment services are provided with 24/7 support of all of the surgical and internal branches, laboratories with advanced technology and screening (computerized tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasonography etc.) center in the intense care units of our hospital that are crucial.

Our intensive care units:

  • Surgical intensive care
  • Internal intensive care
  • Coronary intensive care
  • Cardiovascular intensive care
  • Newborn intensive care