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Nephrology deals with normal kidney functions, problems related to kidneys, treatment of kidney-related problems and dialysis or kidney replacement treatments like kidney transplantation. Nephrology science branch is a sub-branch specialization field of the internal diseases department. Field studied by nephrology include systematic diseases that may affect kidneys such as diabetes and rheumatic diseases and hypertension and problems arising out of kidney diseases such as bone diseases.

Patients apply to nephrology department for problems such as acute kidney insufficiency, chronic kidney insufficiency, blood in the urine, protein leakage in the urine, renal calculus, hypertension, acid-base balance disorders and electrolyte disorders. Nephrology experts apply methods like kidney biopsy, locating hemodialysis catheter, locating peritoneum dialysis and hemodialysis fistula. Physicians specialized in Nephrology at Okan University Hospital serve for the diagnosis of kidney diseases, taking preventive measures and treatment of the diseases.

Diseases Diagnosed and Treated at Nephrology Department:

- Urine disorders (blood or protein availability in urine)

- Hypertension

- Acute and chronic kidney insufficiency

- Acute hemodialysis applications

- Kidney biopsy

- Follow-up and treatment of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients and patients with kidney transplantation

- Locating hemodialysis catheter,

- Locating peritoneum dialysis,

- Management of hemodialysis fistula.