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Nutrition and Diet

Nourishment is the use of foods in order to grow, maintain a life and protect the health. Malnourishment and undernourishment cause some diseases to emerge directly and some indirectly. Okan University Hospital’s Nourishment and Diet Department doctors provides comprehensive services with personal diet programs and nourishment training.

Personal, sufficient and well-balanced nourishment programs must diligently be followed to prevent and treat many diseases and after treatment. Our physicians specialized in their fields prepare personal diet programs for patients with different characteristics.

Experienced doctors at Okan University Hospital Nourishment and Diet Department also provide patients receiving cancer treatment with consultation services in order to maintain healthy and nutritious diet programs. The Nourishment and Diet Department prepares nourishment programs for people in special conditions such as diabetes patients, women in breast feeding and lactation period, children and adolescents and trainings are organized and patient are followed accordingly.  

Personal, special nourishment programs:

- Nourishment plans special for diabetes, cardiovascular and hypertension patients,

- Weight gaining programs for those suffering from emaciation,

- Nourishment plans for stomach and intestine patients,

- Programs special for children in growth and development periods,

- Nourishment plans special for mothers in pregnancy or lactation periods,

- Nourishment and Diet Services for Inpatients