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Oncology Council

Cuba Oncology Institute is in İstanbul Okan University Hospital!

The vaccine, which was developed by Cuban Oncologists to activate immune system of the body and cancer cells, will bring hope to Turkey. Cuban oncologists will participate in our Oncology Council to evaluate all relevant process and perform treatments for our patients who are diagnosed with cancer. Based on this cooperation, İstanbul Okan University Hospital will become a center for our Turkish and international patients who consider to fly to Cuba from now on.

It stimulates the cells which fight the tumor!

This vaccine boosts activity of the body’s own immune system to fight cancer instead of stopping the cancer with medications. But, how is this done?

Cells with tumor confuse the immune system. Immune system acknowledges the tumor cell as a part of the body. The tumor cell is acknowledge as a native part of the body and it grows with its own pace over the time. The vaccine which stops growth and metastasis of tumor cells takes the scene just at this stage. Racotumomab is injected to the subcutaneous tissue and stimulates the immune cells which fight the tumor. This stimulation makes the body understand that the tumor is not a native part of body and thus, the disease is stopped.

As the treatment targets “epidermal growth factor” which is produced by the tumor and present in blood stream, growth of the malignant cells is hindered. The purpose is to transform the tumor into a chronic disease and prevent its progression.

It has no side effect!

The greatest advantage of this vaccine is the absence of any side effect. No change or side effect, even in the subcutaneous tissue where the drug is injected into, is discovered to the date. This makes the treatment preferable.

Please send your results to us to have your treatment planned!

If you also want to contact us and have your reports reviewed, you can e-mail all your test and examination results and your contact details to or call our call center at 444 98 63. We will contact you soon after your results are received.