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Oral and Dental Health

At the Mouth and Dental Health Department of Okan University Hospital, treatment and diagnosis services for mouth, dental and chain health related diseases are provided. The Mouth and Dental Health Department provides various solutions for mouth and dental aesthetics with its staff specialized in its field and equipped infrastructure.

Providing advanced diagnosis and treatment services in every aspect of the mouth and dental health, Okan University Hospital serves in the fields of preventive dentistry, endodontics, mouth and maxillofacial surgery, implantology, aesthetic dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, surgical treatment (impacted tooth extraction operations, cystectomy, implant) with applications developed in their fields and experienced dentists.

Our experienced team also includes certificated dental technicians and dental health nurses.

Our Mouth and Dental Health Polyclinic has the technologic equipment and expert staff capable of serving in all fields of dentistry. Doctors serving at Okan University Mouth and Dental Health Polyclinic where high standard disinfection and sterilization rules are followed are also experienced for emergencies, first aid and urgent dental treatments. Additionally, training sessions and seminars are organized about the mouth and dental health.


Services provided at the Mouth and Dental Health Polyclinic:


Aesthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry

- Smiling Design

- Laminate Veneers

- Zirconium porcelains

- Completely ceramic restorations


-Bonding applications


Laser Applications

- Periodontal therapy with Laser

- Root canal therapy with Laser

- Bleaching with Laser


General Dentistry

- Composite fillings

- Inlay/Onlay porcelain fillings

- Porcelain crown and bridges

- Total/Partial prosthesis

- Crowns and prosthesis on implants

- Scaling

- Halitosis therapy


Pediatric Dentistry

- Cavity preventive therapies

-Fissure sealant and flour applications

- Child and parent training

- Crowing preventive therapies

- Entertaining and positive therapy units decorated specially for children

- Treatment with sedation or general anesthesia



- Treatment of crowding

- Porcelain or transparent brackets

-Lingual orthodontics (through the inner surface of tooth)

-Treatment with transparent plaques (without brackets)



- Tooth extraction

- Impacted tooth operations

- Cyst operations

- Chain fracture therapy

- Treatment of chain joint related problems

- Bone augmentations



- Gingivitis treatment

- Periodontitis treatment

- Aesthetic gum leveling shaping operations

- Gingival graft applications



-Root canal treatment

- Inflammatory tooth treatment

-Retreatment (canal treatment disassembly and repetition)


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