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Organ Transplantation

Thousands of people in the world and Turkey suffer from the vital threats due to organ insufficiency. Even though people suffering from organ insufficiency continue their lives under the control of a doctor with certain measures taken, the treatment of organ insufficiencies is organ transplantation. Patients suffering from kidney insufficiency make up the biggest proportion among patients waiting for organs.

At Okan University Hospital Organ Transplantation Center, heart, liver, kidney, bone marrow and tissue-stem cell transplantations are performed. In our country where organ transplantation from cadavers is quite restricted because organ donation is insufficient, most of the operations are performed with organs received from living donors. Restricted number of living donors cause the number of patients diagnosed with organ insufficiency waiting from organs to increase each passing year and some portion of those patients to pass away before the required organ is found.

Organ transplantation operations, which have vital importance for both the donor and receiver, are performed by specialized teams at our Organ Transplantation Center with multi-disciplinary approached and advanced technologic infrastructure and successful results are acquired. All the preparations before an organ transplantation operation are completed within a couple of days by specialized teams at Okan University Hospital, Organ Transplantation Center and the operation is performed accordingly. The post-operative situation of the patient subjected to an organ transplantation operation is followed by the specialized team that perform the operation and nurses specialized in organ transplantation closely. A patient-oriented care is essential to allow patients to experience a stress-free and successful treatment process before and after the operation and not only the physical treatment but also the mental situations of patients are cared closely. 

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