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Pediatric Surgery

Pediatrics is the science branch dealing with diagnosis of diseases requiring surgical attempts starting from the days following the birth until the age of 18 and with the pre-pregnancy, surgery and post-operational periods. Okan University Hospital Pediatric Surgery Department deals with the diagnosis and treatment of surgical and urologic problems of children. Expert physicians serve for the operations of abnormalities known before the birth or emerging after the birth. At our Pediatrics Department, all the pediatric surgery operations for children (at the age of 0 to 14) from the infancy until adolescence are performed. Doctors of Okan University Hospital Pediatrics doctors maintains the process with a multidisciplinary approach without neglecting the psychological moods of children during their physiotherapies.

Services provided at the Pediatrics Department:

- Innate abnormalities (occluded esophagus-stomach-fine or large intestine, heart-intestine or their parts outside the bladder, cohesion encountered in legs, arms, hands and fingers, lacks and surplus)

- Innate dyspnea, mouth foaming, throwing up, constipation or faecal incontinence, urinary retention or urine incontinence, rectal bleeding

- Hernias in groin, navel and abdomen encountered starting from the birth and in the further ages

- Undescended testicles

- Liquid filled cysts in the scrotum or groyne

- Painful, rubescent swelling in the scrotum

- Urinating from the top or bottom of the penis

- Adherent foreskin

- Kidney or urinary tract diseases or calculus causing repetitive urinary tract infections

- Deformities in the chest cage or back

- Wryneck

- Occasionally repetitive painful or painless running swellings in the neck, goiter

- Benign tumors called hemangioma observed in heads, necks and almost all around the body as moles or prevalently

- Childhood benign tumors and cancers arising with masses especially in livers, spleens, kidneys, suprarenal glands, stomach or bladders

- All innate or subsequent intraabdominal inflammations caused by especially appendicitis accompanied by symptoms such as stomachache, fever, nausea and vomiting

- Urgent or subsequent interventions in cases of inside or outside vehicle traffic accidents, falling down from height, injuries caused by guns and similar situation