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Pediatrics Department serves with six units;

  • Policlinics
  • Emergency
  • Inpatient Service
  • Newborn Infant Room
  • Newborn Intense Care Unit
  • Pediatric Intense Care Unit

That are equipped with international standards and advanced technology, designed especially for children with its cadre of associates, experts and research assistants experienced in their fields.


At Okan University Hospital, examination, analyses, treatment and preventive health services for children between the age of 0 to 18 and youngsters are provided by expert doctors.

Both children and their parents can spend a comfortable waiting time thanks to the waiting hall designed for children in the Pediatrics Department of our Hospital. Policlinic rooms are arranged specially in order to allow children to be examined in a comfortable and safe way.

Appointment hours are respected for policlinic services.

There is a lactation room suitable for waiting mothers and a separate room including a milking machine in order to help mothers with lactation problems to milk themselves.

Our patients can choose their own doctors among the available doctors.

Services such as healthy children follow-up, development-growth of children between the ages of 0 to 18, necessary scanning operations, nourishment, provision of nourishment with mother milk, vaccination, observation of the development and consultation about children’s’ health are provided within the scope of scientific programs that are mutually developed.

Examinations in case of availability of diseases (laboratory, radiology) are performed as soon as possible and in a reliable way.

Among one of the most important targets of Okan University Hospital Pediatrics Department is to increase the awareness about the importance of nourishment with mother milk in terms of the development of infants. Training sessions and seminars are organized in this directions. Additionally, prospective mothers and fresh mothers are informed about the care and nourishment of newborn babies.

Moreover; our department has a child psychologist to provide psychologic support when necessary in terms of the mental development of children. There is also a game-therapy room specially designed for children in need of support.


Inpatient Service

The service and rooms are arranged by prioritizing the safety of children.

A room arrangement is provided to allow the parents to be with children by considering the mental developments of inpatients.

Doctors evaluate patients at least twice a day.

Each attempt is performed by informing the family of patients and receiving their confirmation.

Different treatment approaches are taken into account by consulting the sub-branch experts of pediatrics when necessary.


Pediatric experts are available for 24/7 for uninterruptedly provided emergency pediatrics services every day.

All sorts of examinations and information exchange are performed and maintain immediately for patients required to be hospitalized.

Some problems required to be kept under observation (asthma attacks, bronchiolitis, diarrhea-related light liquid loss, fever etc.) are monitored in the emergency observation room.

Medical support must be received swiftly for problems concerning the sub-branch experts or pediatric surgery.

Newborn Infant Room

Pediatry experts accompany all the births at our hospital and they provide the first intervention/examination for babies. Temporary problems which may be experienced in the first hours following the birth are generally resolved in the infant room.

Babies are followed for 24 hours in the monitoring room and when they are with mothers for lactation under the scrutiny of our nurses and they are released after scanning tests required to be performed within the first 72 hours after births, routine checks and examinations are carried out by our specialized pediatry experts.

Hepathyriod, phenylketonuria and blood samples are received from each baby in terms of metabolic diseases.

All of the babies are subject to hearing test scanning.

Newborn Intense Care Unit

In our center services like premature birth as of the 24th week of the pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, diabetic mothers’ babies, enormous babies, babies swallowed meconium (their own feces) in mothers’ abdomen, provision of care for difficulty delivered babies and newborn blood tests, phototherapy treatments for babies with hepatitis are provided successfully.