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In our perinatology branch, prevention, screening, early diagnosis and treatment are performed of all mother and fetus derived problems and diseases in pre-pregnancy, pregnancy process, pregnancy and postpartum periods.

Pre-pregnancy counseling, evaluation of fetus DNA from maternal blood, dual, triple, quadruble or sequential biochemical tests in combination with ultrasonography, special detailed fetal anatomy evaluation for each trimester are performed and a detailed evaluation of the fetal heart is examined. All unique applications, primarily invasive diagnostic procedures in different gestational weeks such as fetal echo, chorion villus biopsy, amniocentesis and fetal blood sampling; amniotic shunt applications such as fetal blood transfusion, lung, urinary tract, balloon applications in the main vascular stenosis, all multiple pregnancy follow-ups, fetoscopy, laser in specific twin pregnancies, multiple feature procedures such as radiofrequency and risky vaginal delivery and risky cesarean operations are conducted by our Perinatology Specialists.

What are the high risk assessment criteria?

1. In previous pregnancies

  • Stillbirth or newborn loss thromboembolism
  • Recurrent pregnancy losses (miscarriage)
  • Preemie
  • Baby with anomalies
  • Low birth weight or large baby
  • Process-based hospitalization in last pregnancy (high blood pressure and similar)
  • Non-C / S uterus and delivery canal operations
  • Cervical cerclage and cervical suture

2. During pregnancy

  • Multiple Pregnancy
  • Very young (adolescent) or advanced maternal age
  • Blood incompatibility
  • Recurrent vaginal bleeding
  • Amniotic fluid disorders
  • Fetus growth retardation
  • High blood pressure
  • Deep anemia
  • Pelvic mass

3. In general medical process

  • Pregnancy and systemic diseases (diabetes, thyroid, renal, cardiovascular and so on)
  • Carriages and other genetic diseases
  • Serious addictions
  • Risky situations during routine follow-up
  • Unclassified physician references