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Mental Health and Disorders is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders/inconsistencies arising out of several reasons in thoughts, emotions and behaviors whether there are any identifiable damages or not (such as dementia, depression) as a result of examinations and inspections.

Mental health and disorders for the diagnosis of which clinic interviews, examinations, laboratory inspections and screening methods are taken advantage of treats the disorders through pharmacotherapy (treatment with medicine) and psychotherapy (mental treatment) methods. It tries to guide individuals in whom no diseases are determined; however, needs to consult an expert in cases of relationship problems or various life events.

Our hospital does not have a psychiatry unit with beds. Since the interview, evaluation and therapy services will be provided in the polyclinic for this reason, persons applying to the unit for the following subjects will be primarily be supported with psychotherapy or with the mutual use of medicines and psychotherapy when necessary:

Behavior problems in case of dementia,

Mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorders,

Anxiety disorders,

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders,

Somatoform Disorders (hypochondria, psychological pains, etc.),

Adjustment Disorders,

Sleeping Disorders,

Personality Disorders,

Relationship Problems,

Marriage Problems.

Since the following psychiatric problems require occasional or frequent hospitalization, application only for diagnostic evaluations, consultation and guidance is desired:

* Alcohol and other drug use disorders

* Schizophrenia

* Serious personality disorders such as antisocial personality disorders (psychopathy, sociopathy)

Additionally, there are psychiatrists specialized in specific subjects or centers in psychiatry. For this reason, they may apply for diagnostic evaluation or guidance the following disorders:

* Alcohol and Other (drugs, stimulants, etc.) Use Disorders

* Sexual Functionality Disorders,

* Eating Disorders.

Important note: It must be kept in mind that all sorts of therapies, especially the psychiatric therapy, require close cooperation and the psychological “recovery” refers to a process of getting to know oneself, strengthening the coping skills and mentally deepening.