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Also expressed as spirit science in Turkish, psychology is derived from the combination of “psyche”, which means spirit, and “logia”, which means science/study. Psychology deals with people’s mental health. For an individual to be regarded as a healthy person, his physical and mental health must be tackled as a whole. Accelerating speed of life in the present day and increasing responsibilities of individuals to keep up with this speed and stress are threats to people’s mental health.

Sometimes people may not overcome their problems on their own. Since people experience problems in some areas of their lives or intense feelings and emotions hindering the regular pace of their lives, the number of people receiving psychology assistance increases each passing day.

Okan University Hospital Psychology Department provides psychological support suitable for individual needs in the fields of “Child and Adolescent Psychology” – “Adult Psychology”.

Clients applying to Okan University Hospital Psychology Department are evaluated mentally, cognitively, behaviorally and developmentally. The origin of problems is discovered through psychological tests and therapies applied by specialized psychologists and accordingly the method of the treatment is determined. Hospitalized patients are also provided with psychological support as well as the clients applying to the Psychology Department of our hospital. Regular meetings aim at diminishing the adverse effects of situations requiring long term physical treatment.

Clients applying to Okan University Hospital Psychology Department are provided with psychological support in the fields of “Child and Adolescent Psychology” and “Adult Psychology” depending on their needs.



- Depression

- Anxiety Disorders

- Personality Disorders

- Marriage and Relation Related Problems

- Exam Anxiety

- Stress Management

- Chronic Fatigue

- Obsessions – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

-Panic Attack / Panic Disorders

-Social Phobia

- Fears

- Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

- Adjustment Disorders

- Impulse Control Disorders

- Trichotillomania

- Nutrition Disorders

- Eating Disorders (obesity, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa)

- Attachment Disorders and Difficulties Experienced in Close Relationships

- Difficulties in Business and Business Life

- Consultation Before, During and After Divorce

- Process of Being a Parent

- Domestic Conflicts

Okan University Hospital Psychology Department also provides health services regarding the problems that children and adolescents experience.

For Babies;

      - Consultation about babies for parents (Developmental stages and methods to deal with them)

            -Development Tests (BRUNET-LEZINE development test, DENVER development test)

For Children;

- Children and discipline (rule-punishment system)

- Terrible two syndrome

- Domestic communication

- Sexual development in children - Masturbation

- Toilet training (enuresis-encopresis)

- Nail biting

- Obsessions

- Fears and anxieties

- Who children are affected during a divorce process

- Process of adopting to a kindergarten

- School problems (preparation for school, doing assignments, exam anxiety)

- Intelligence tests (WISC-R, BINET) and projective tests (RORSCHACH, CAT, DÜSS)