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Okan University Pulmonology Department serves for all health problems related to the respiratory system with its specialized doctors and advanced technology equipment.

The Pulmonology Department of our University has physicians experienced especially in bronchoscopy and interventional bronchoscopy. In the interventional bronchoscopy unit, many relieving and healing methods can be applied such as relieving the occlusion formed in the trachea with stent, closing the fistula formed in the respiratory tracts and treating benign tumors inside the respiratory tracts through electrocoter and argon plasma.

In the Respiratory Function Laboratory available in our department can perform CO Diffusion Test (DLCO) measurements, which is available in few centers in the Asian Side, as well as the classic respiratory function test.

Endobronchial volume reduction techniques (Bronchoscopic Endobronchial Valve Technique) that have lately been developed and displayed successful outcomes in advanced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are being closely observed and applied by our department’s physicians successfully.  

Allergens causing respiratory tract allergic diseases (allergic asthma, allergic bronchitis and allergic rhinitis) are determined through tests applied on the skin (Skin prick test) in a fast and accurate way.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome is diagnosed and treated through the Sleep Test (Polysomnography) applied in the Sleep Laboratory. Results of sleep tests are analyzed with a multidisciplinary approach together with pulmonology, otolaryngology and neurology departments and necessary treatment plan is prepared.

Services provided in the Pulmonology department:

•        Diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer

•        Allergic and non-allergic asthma diagnosis and treatment

•        Allergy skin tests

•        Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPS, bronchiectasis)

•        Chronic coughs

•        Pneumonia

•        Pleuritis (Liquid accumulation in the pleura)

•        Sarcoidosis (A systematic diseases that can retain all of the tissues and organs and the cause of which is not exactly known)

•        Pulmonary Emboli (lung emboli)

•        Smoking addiction, smoking-related diseases and smoking cessation methods

•        Respiratory physiotherapy

•        Respiratory Function Test, CO Diffusion Test

•        Diagnostic and Interventional Bronchoscopy Unit

•        Sleep Laboratory