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Radiation Oncology



A radiotherapy is a treatment option that has currently developed a lot both in the world and in our country. While healthy tissues are protected at a maximum level thanks to high-technology devices, tumors are given the highest dose possible.

Methods are known as the “SPOT-ON” among people and aiming at treating only the tumor and risky area in the vicinity applying high doses in restricted areas require an experienced physician cadre, sensitive planning, and a specialized technician staff as well as modern treatment devices.

ELEKTA VERSA HD device available in our clinic and used only in a restricted number of centers around the world serve our patients with the physicians, medical physicists and technicians cadre serving in their professions for long years.

The most important stage of a cancer treatment is to decide which therapy suits the patient. The multi-disciplinary approach is one of the essentials of the treatment. For this reason, each patient is evaluated in detail before the treatment by the “TUMOR COUNCIL” composed of experienced physicians in surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology and nuclear medicine branches and thus “PERSONAL TREATMENT” method is determined.


VERSA HD is the newest generation radiotherapy technology changing the standards in cancer treatment and breaking grounds in some tumor treatments.

In addition to its ability to perform SRS and SBRT therapies with 6D HexaPOD Couch, which can be performed by devices such as GammaKnife, CyberKnife, for the much shorter time; the device is able to perform 3D CONFORMAL RADIOTHERAPY, IMRT, IGRT and VMAT therapy methods in a faster and more sensitive way.

Due to its Multi-Leaf-Collimator structure allowing 5 times less dose leakage, it minimizes the radiation effect on healthy organs and it has the lowest rate in terms of secondary cancer formation risk. This creates a significant advantage, especially for CHILDHOOD TUMORS.

Additionally, it covers the shape of the target volume better with its field shaper having the highest leaf number (160) in its field and decreases the amount of dose that healthy organs receive.

It fuses the PET/CT, MR and CT images with its final version Treatment Planning System and ensures the determination of target and critical organs with high accuracy and thus the most accurate tumor target determination can be provided.

Operating based on Monte Carlo Algorithm accepted as a golden standard across the world MONACO TPS allows the doses given to patients to be calculated in the most accurate and sensitive way.

The position of the patient is checked every day throughout the treatment with Cone-Beam CT (Low dose volumetric BT) and millimetric errors are rectified and the patient is ensured to be treated in the most accurate position every day. At the same time, tumor abasement may be determined through Cone-Beam CT at the time of the treatment and overdose reception of healthy tissues may be prevented by shrinking the area, which is called “Adaptive Radiotherapy”.

Is it possible to perform Radiosurgery (Surgery with Beams) through VERSA HD?

ELEKTA VERSA HD is a superior device which is able to perform linear-based Radiosurgery (Surgery with Beams), it also allows the treatment of every kind of patients who have Radiotherapy indications with high sensitivity.

Allowing unfiltered treatment 6MV FFF and 10MV FFF is able to reach a dose speed up to 4 times more than the filtered energies with photon energy. This way, even Radiosurgery therapies causing patients to stay in the treatment room for very long in some devices can be applied between 5 to 20 minutes.

Having 160 area shapers (MLC), which is the highest number in the field, covers the shape of the target volume better and reduces the dose amount to be received by healthy organs.

With the treatment planning system having the Monte Carlo algorithm able to perform internationally accepted sensitive calculations, doses given to patients can be calculated in the most accurate way.

Thanks to their energies allowing unfiltered treatments, a dose speed up to 4 times more than the filtered energies can be reached. It is able to apply a fast and sensitive therapy to patients who will receive radiosurgery (surgery with beams) treatment.

With the Identify system able to identify patients, we locate patients with the highest safety.

The “High Dose Rate” mode reduces the treatment duration.

The “High Dose Rate” mode of the device provides three times more maximum dose rate than old generation linear accelerators. While Versa HD, with its option to app high dose rate, reduces the treatment duration, it increases the success rate.


  • Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT) and stereotactic radiation therapy (SRS-SBRT) allow many therapy opportunities in a single device.
  • Thanks to 160 x 5 mm protection leaves throughout 40 cm x 40 cm full area, which is fully integrated with Elekta Agility® MLC; the shape of the target tumor is determined in the most accurate way possible.
  • Therapies can be provided faster due to the high protection leaf.
  • It reduces the doses given to healthy tissues.