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Responsibilities Of Patients

Providing information

Providing complete and accurate information to the physicians and nurses responsible for providing them with medical service.

Abiding by Recommendations

Our patients are responsible for abiding by the treatment plant recommended by the physician in charge and for accepting the execution of the care plan applied by the relevant healthcare personnel in line with the recommendations of the physician.

Rejecting the Planned Treatment

Our patients are solely responsible for the results to emerge from their rejection of the treatment planned by their physicians.

Abiding by the Health Institution Rules

Our patients are responsible for abiding by the rules and procedures of our health institution.

Showing Respect

Our patients are responsible for acting accordance with the measures and precautions to be taken by the hospital in cases of disturbing situations such as noises, visitors jeopardizing the patients and their relatives in the institution, smoke etc.

Infection Check

Our patients and their relatives are responsible for acting sensitively regarding the measures recommended to them to prevent the infection diseases from spreading.

Payment Responsibility

Our patients are responsible for paying the examination and treatment expenses. Patients and their relatives damaging the inventories and consumable materials are obliged to pay their price.

Patients’ Visitors

Our patients are responsible for accepting as least visitors as possible, preventing their visitors from bringing food and beverages in, not using other patients’ belongings and conforming to the visiting hours set by the hospital.