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Okan University Hospital provides examination, diagnosis and treatment services for adult and pediatric patients suffering from urologic diseases. Our doctors aim at providing urology services in the best way by using their accumulation based on scientific researches as well as their clinic experience in urology. Having an experienced staff specialized in its fields for sub-branches of urology, Okan University Hospital possesses the cutting-edge technology systems required for prostate surgery and closed surgery attempts in calculus diseases.

Associates and expert doctors serve for patients for twenty-four hours a day at Okan University Hospital.

Men’s’ problems concerning kidneys, urine tracts, urine bags, prostate gland, penis and testicles and women’s’ problems concerning kidneys, urine tracts, bladders and venereal diseases are included in the field of urology.


General Urology Diseases and Their Treatment

1- Kidneys, ureter and bladder calculus

- Drug treatment

- Endoscopic Calculus Surgeries,

PNL-Percutaneous Neprolithotomy,

-Endoscopic Ureter Calculus Treatment-

Calculus Fragmentation with Laser,


-In-Kidney Surgery (Flexible URS),

1-Endoscopic Bladder Calculus Fragmentation)

2- Hydrocele (Liquid in testicles)

3- Hydronephrosis (Expansion as a result of embolization due to innate canal narrowness or calculus in kidneys)

4- Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (Expansion as a result of embolization due to innate canal narrowness in kidneys)

- Attachment of catheter accompanied by ultrasound (Percutaneous Nephrostomy)

-Endoscopic surgery (D-J stent attachment)

-Robotic/Laparoscopic/Open surgery (Pyeloplasty)

5- Kidney cysts

- Follow-up with ultrasound

6- Neurogenic bladder (Storage and excretion disorders in the urinary bladder)

- Urodynamic examination

- Bladder augmentation surgeries

Female Urology and Functional Urology

1- Urinary incontinence

- Drug treatment

- Sling surgeries

2-  Cystocele (Bladder prolapse)

3- Excessive active bladder (Frequent urinary incontinence)

4- Interstitial cystitis (Nonbacterial cystitis)


Men’s Health (Andrologia)

1- Benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph)

- Drug treatment

- Surgical treatment (Endoscopic surgery (TUR- Prostatectomy / Green-Light), open surgery)

2- Erectile dysfunction

- Drug treatment

- Surgical treatment (penile prosthesis)

3- Premature climax

4- Treatment methods of men’s reproduction health related diseases:

-Varicocele: Microsurgery Varicocelectomy

-Sperm Count

-Micro-TESE/TESA (Sperm acquisition from testicles)

-Vasectomy (Tied canals)

-Testicle Torsion Surgery (Dysfunction of testicle canals)

-Penile Fracture (Rupture of Penis) Restoration