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Voice, Speech and Swallowing Disorders Clinic

Voice disorders are the abnormalities in pitch, volume or resonance. People with voice disorders experience difficulty speaking, sore and painful throat, hoarseness, decrease in quality of voice, difficulty in coordination of breathing and abnormalities in volume.

Language and speech disorders are related with difficulty in comprehending speech or expressing oneself or both. Fluency disorders (such as stuttering), delayed language and speech (when a child starts speaking later than peers), articulation disorders (improper pronunciation) are the most common problems in language and speech disorders.

Swallowing difficulty is manifested by delay or obstruction in passage of foods from mouth to stomach and improper migration of foods into trachea. “Penetration” implies presence of food at level of vocal cords, while “aspiration” is the presence of foods below the level of vocal cords; both conditions threat life and may lead to death. Aspiration occurs when food materials advance to lungs through the trachea.

At our Voice, Speech and Swallowing Difficulty Unit, tests and examinations are performed to determine the problematic voices in order to treat the voice disorders. Test results are reviewed by teams of specialists at our hospital and personalized treatments and therapy approaches are planned. If the patient is required to undergo an operation, pre- and post-operative voice therapies are planned, while other disorders of speech and swallowing are rehabilitated in patients who are undergone laryngeal operation.